PHPVibeS v6: Multimedia CMS

Quick links: Installing PHPVibe Troubleshooting

Step 1

The PHPVibe license looks wrong
Please add the correct license key for in the config file.
Create license key by going to My Licenses and add:

as domain for the key, then click "Create key" and edit vibe_config.php's line
define( 'phpVibeKey', 'License key' );
Replace License key with the created key.
You are installing PHPVibe at

Step 2: Database details

Database connection seems fine.

Step 3: File permissions (chmod)

Admin's cache folder (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Log file (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Cache folder (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Thumbs cache folder (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Full cache (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Static pages cache (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Media storage folder (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Raw media storage folder (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Media thumbs storage folder (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Common uploads folder (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
Languages folder (/home/admin/web/ is writeable
PHP is ok! (your version is 5.6.32 )
Some things require attention
Please correct the 1 errors listed above to continue this setup!